Workshops, Trainings, Meetings (Live & Virtual)

I have facilitated hundreds of meetings, trainings, conferences, workshops and multi-stakeholder discussions for more than 15 years.  A few examples of some of my organizational facilitations include the following:





  • As part of the experts working group on Integrity in Sports, facilitated a break-out session in Singapore with top-level academics from around the world, focused on identifying approaches to gain greater cooperation and compliance from sports organizations and others, to fight sports corruption.  Developed a list of recommendations and possible approaches to assist in this effort.




  • Developed the North America vendor management program, and facilitated dozens of pre-implementation brainstorming sessions and discussions with key stakeholders across the United States, Canada, and India.  These sessions were in-person at various locations around the United States, and several were virtual live sessions.  They were all aimed at communicating the program, clarifying stakeholder needs, understanding concerns, obtaining buy-in and establishing the necessary processes within these stakeholder areas to support the program.  Produced revised policy and procedures, user manual and executive reporting.


  • Conducted a series of six (6) day-long, post-implementation, training sessions that included policy and procedures training, multi-regional process review, and capturing multiple stakeholder feedback and input for lessons learned and best practices.  Produced lessons learned and best practices documentation as well as executive reporting.


  • Week-long workshop facilitated in Brazil to review operational processes (procurement, accounts payable, legal, contracts) to ensure alignment with vendor management policies, and identify gaps and how to implement changes to align with requirements.  Produced summary of proposed actions, best practices, and executive reporting.



  • Developed a strategic sourcing review process and established a monthly meeting, that I facilitated, with key operational areas (procurement, finance, legal, business, etc.) and various stakeholders to review acquisitions, identify ways to improve processes and make major procurement decisions.  Produced a monthly report template for ongoing reporting of acquisition decisions, and monthly executive reporting.