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One Example of our programs:

International Program in Academic Collaboration (IPAC)


Do you want a world class experience for your students and additional revenue for your university without the pain of having to set it up or manage it....only benefit from the results?


Imagine a learning environment where the only boundaries are those that exist in the mind. A location that goes beyond the four walls of the institution. An educational opportunity where reputable universities across the United States and across the world join forces to create an expansive and meaningful experience while increasing career options for students.


What if it were possible to have all of this,...



  • funding the entire program,

  • hiring someone to run it, or

  • figuring out the logistics of setting up the program in another country.


Yet, at the same time,...



  • a quality foreign country learning experience,

  • an increase in educational offerings,

  • a collaborative university experience,

  • greater academic (and international) reach for your institution, and

  • additional revenue to support your university.


Would you do it?


As a leader of an academic institution in a global world, you know the importance of international exposure for your school and your students. But, you may have decided - for various reasons - to either limit your study abroad program or not to have study abroad options at all. 


Sadly, most US students complete their studies without an international study experience, even students who are studying for careers in the international arena.  Many studies have shown the benefits of study abroad programs on the personal growth, inter-cultural development, and career options for students. One study in 2011, by The American Institution for Foreign Study, shows students that have international study experience, regardless of the length of the program, have greater career options.  Yet, many students in the US have attended universities with foreign students, even sat next to foreign students in the classroom, but have never themselves stepped foot in another country or experienced study in a foreign land.


As an academic, expert in operations, management and program development, I have studied, worked and lived in other countries (Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China, Singapore, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and more), and traveled to many others.  I have experience in establishing international programs (management, legal) and academic collaborations (summer programs, study abroad, executive training, conferences), and an impressive international network of professionals, academics, academic institutions and universities around the world.  I want to use my experiences and background in a way that will enhance your school and the professional opportunities of your students.


With the IPAC, I facilitate collaboration among various reputable universities in the United States; coordinate the planning of a collaborative foreign study experience; and develop and implement the program for you. So, not only can you offer an incredible international study experience to students, you can do it with low cost to your university by collaborating with other highly respected universities and giving high professional return to your students.


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