Start transforming your business.  


The Simple 6

How to use 6 simple questions you already know to 100% transform your organization and get productive and profitable right NOW!!


–Simple 6 Program (What it is and how to use it)

- Simple 6 Guide (use written or electronically)

–1-hour process session with me

•Bonus: 10 questions you must ask before hiring anybody!


Total Package = $399 USD


COPE-Factor Assessment System Technology (COPE-FAST) 



-Operational Self-assessment tool for organizations that will:

•Identify your operational strengths and weaknesses

•Offer time saving strategies to address your weaknesses and increase profitability

•Provide helpful tools to support a stronger foundation for building and maintaining profitability in your business

–(2) 1-hour process sessions with me

•Bonus: You will also receive The Simple 6 Guide and 10 Questions you must ask before hiring anybody!

Total Package = $1199 USD