Projects we've worked on...

The Right Proposals
Always there when you need us

We have worked with 3B Resources Group several times over the years on contracts, proposals, and other communication.  This time was a little different.  On short notice, they needed help putting together a critical collaborative proposal in response to an RFP (tender response).  Our team had the privilege to work with some of the most talented public relations experts.  We worked around the clock to come up with a creative and dynamic concept that we captured in the proposal. The result: an impressive proposal and a great presentation.


Program Development - Organizations and Universities
Knowledge and Know-how

AU needed strong expertise not only in sports management but also in law.  The end result was delivery of a product that satisfied both.  At AU an original new course in legal aspects of sports management.  For UoP, a PhD level course in ethical leadership and the legal landscape, and as a bonus, a functional management model that uniquely depicted the interrelationship of leadership, law, management and ethics.  For corporations such as HSBC, Experian, and Dell, we have developed effective training programs in contracts, ethics, risk management, vendor management, compliance, and many other operational areas.

From small to large organizations

We work with small to mid-sized businesses to develop and implement values-based policies and procedures, employee handbooks, operational processes or whatever you need help your business operate smoothly.  We advise on operational strategy, negotiate large scale contracts, mediate internal and external business disputes, and create programs and processes that help organizations function more efficiently and from a place of integrity.  Whatever organizational need - small or large - that you may have, we help you define it, develop a plan, and put together the necessary resources that move you from problem to solution! 

Training and Workshop Facilitation for Companies and Organizations

Some examples include:



  • As part of the experts working group on Integrity in Sports, facilitated a break-out session in Singapore with top-level academics from around the world, focused on identifying approaches to gain greater cooperation and compliance from sports organizations and others, to fight sports corruption.  Developed a list of recommendations and possible approaches to assist in this effort.



  • Developed the North America vendor management program, and facilitated dozens of pre-implementation brainstorming sessions and discussions with key stakeholders across the United States, Canada, and India.  These sessions were in-person at various locations around the United States, and several were virtual live sessions.  They were all aimed at communicating the program, clarifying stakeholder needs, understanding concerns, obtaining buy-in and establishing the necessary processes within these stakeholder areas to support the program.  Produced revised policy and procedures, user manual and executive reporting.


  • Conducted a series of six (6) day-long, post-implementation, training sessions that included policy and procedures training, multi-regional process review, and capturing multiple stakeholder feedback and input for lessons learned and best practices.  Produced lessons learned and best practices documentation as well as executive reporting.


  • Week-long workshop facilitated in Brazil to review operational processes (procurement, accounts payable, legal, contracts) to ensure alignment with vendor management policies, and identify gaps and how to implement changes to align with requirements.  Produced summary of proposed actions, best practices, next steps and executive reporting.



  • Developed a strategic sourcing review process and established a monthly meeting, that I facilitated, with key operational areas (procurement, finance, legal, business, etc.) and various stakeholders to review acquisitions, identify ways to improve processes and make major procurement decisions.  Produced a monthly report template for ongoing reporting of acquisition decisions, and monthly executive reporting.

Individuals  - Changing Careers or Countries
We've been there... and can coach you through the transition

Are you a successful professional stuck in an unfulfilling job or career?  Do you know deep inside that there is something else that you should be doing, but you have not been able to see beyond where you are?  Have you been contemplating a move to another country but not quite sure how to make it happen?  We have been there and can help you avoid the pit-falls by identifying your critical path, developing a transition plan, moving you into action, and walking you through the transition to get you where you want to be.  

European Labour Law Journal and Sports Law and Policy Bulletin
​Legal Experts from around the World

The European Labour Law Journal (ELLJ) and the European Sports Law and Policy Bulletin (SLPB) are publications based in Europe that utilize authors and legal scholars from around the world.  Because English is not the first language for many of these authors, they need someone to provide English language editing of the important content produced by the authors.  We have had the privilege of working with these publications and many incredible authors over the past several years.