Dispute Mediation

We work with businesses, companies, and organizations to facilitate the resolution of internal and external disputes. We serve as mediation Ombudsman to advise, train, and conduct workplace mediation. With expertise in contracts, procurement, sports law, employment and management related issues (including those related to COVID-19 and racial insensitivity), we use that knowledge to mediate successful win-win outcomes for our clients.

We also work with individuals who are experiencing conflict or a toxic work environment. We work with them (coaching, advising, business communication, etc.) to effectively identify and weigh the options, mediate workplace issues, and/or develop effective exit strategies.

Our focus on mediation helps our clients to avoid litigation and resolve conflict in a less expensive, quick, more effective manner. More importantly, we help you establish control and maintain peace of mind.

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P.O. Box 42043, Houston, TX 77242 

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