Create an international career through Foreign Study!! 

Have you ever wanted to study or work in another country?  Do you understand the benefits of foreign work or study, but don't know how to make it happen for yourself or your students?  Do you have a program in international studies, business or law at your university?


Don't let students think simply by studying in an international program that they will have the career opportunities they seek. After studying international law and management I still didn't have the type of international career that I wanted. Several degrees later, in 2009, I did a study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain and met an incredible Italian professor who was so passionate about global opportunities, and stressed the importance of networking in the international community.  I took his suggestions to heart.  


In 2010 I left corporate America and stepped out on faith to experience living and working in a foreign country. I have never looked back! The opportunities and exposure that I received by making the decision and taking the steps necessary to expand my international reach has allowed me to travel, gain international opportunities and build a worldwide network of colleagues and friends.


These international connections have led to job and study opportunities, work ventures, speaking invitations and writing opportunities around the world. 


Let me share my strategies for building international relationships that help build a career and last a lifetime!  offer a one (1) hour international career opportunities strategies session for university students.  During that session I help them to understand:


  • What they need to do to obtain the type of international opportunities that they want;

  • The importance of networking and how to build their personal and professional networks;

  • How to use skills that they already have to create international opportunities that will lead to the type of connections that they want;

  • What they can do now as students that will greatly increase their international career opportunities.


For a small speaker's fee of $500 (plus travel expenses), I will come to your university and present a one (1) hour lecture on international career opportunities.  As a bonus, students will also receive, Ten Helpful tips to an international career - Checklist, that every international study student should have.


To schedule a time for me to come speak at your school, organization or business and share very valuable information on developing a foreign career and building an international network click link below.