Dispute resolution for businesses and sports organizations!!

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We use ADR techniques to help businesses and sports organizations resolve conflict, alleviate frustration and effectively address disputes.

The utilization of a neutral third party in resolving disputes (Facilitation, Mediation) is an effective and less costly way to address workplace disputes and achieve a win/win outcome. The use of Negotiation techniques can help parties to arrive at an agreement that benefits both parties. 


ADR is a way to avoid traditional means of resolving disputes (litigation) and helps to achieve successful outcomes, and preserve and even enhance relationships.

Training & Customized Services


We provide training to help your management team use mediation techniques to more effectively address workplace conflict.


We develop and deliver customized training to individuals, businesses, management teams, sports organizations and athletes. 


  • Leadership Training

  • Management Coaching

  • Strategy 

  • Active Facilitation

  • Live "Get-it-Done" Team Retreat